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Crane Services

Crane Services

Hayes Manufacturing has been providing customers with mobile hydraulic truck cranes for more than 40 years. Based in Pineville, Louisiana, we offer a wide range of truck cranes and can mobilize our cranes throughout the state or abroad to meet all of your lifting needs. With a crane fleet ranging from 15-ton capacity to 165 tons, we offer you the best quality, reliable and experienced mobile crane personnel, equipment and services. In addition, our cranes are maintained to the highest standards of safety and kept in top working condition through regular inspection.



Crane Fleet

Our crane fleet ranges from a capacity of 15 tons to 165 tons. Please see the chart below for specifications – and feel free to contact us for more information about our mobile hydraulic truck crane services.

Hayes Cranes

  • 165 TON GROVE GMK5165
  • 80 TON GROVE TM875
  • 60 TON GROVE TMS760E
  • 40 TON GROVE TMS540E
  • 40 TON P&H T400
  • 30 TON P&H T300
  • 15 TON GROVE RT58 


Hayes Manufacturing offers hauling services for the transportation of various equipment, machinery, materials and other loads that our customers may need transported. We offer two tractor trailers, including one trailer outfitted for specialized equipment hauling. For more information about our hauling services, please feel free to contact us.